2019 Annual Ball Highlights

Before you dive into the pictures from the Career Nuggets Annual Ball 2019, let’s do two things… First, Save the date for 2020: The next Career Nuggets Ball will be (God willing) on 5th of December 2020 (More details to come soon.) And secondly… Let’s play a game… It’s called “SPOT THE FASCINATOR“… The fascinator […]

Mentor Academy

(NOW TAKING APPLICATIONS FOR NEXT MENTOR ACADEMY) CLICK HERE TO FILL THE REGISTRATION FORM (CLICK IMAGE TO OPEN THE ACCELERATE BROCHURE) MY STORY: When I decided I was going to start my TV program, most of the people who knew me at the time said “What?!? You?!? I can’t really blame them though… After all, […]

Is your Career Future-Proof?

The world has changed and continues to do so, on a daily basis with new developments in technology.  In order to future proof your career you have to be ready to move with the times and not be left behind. In 10 years’ time it is predicted that some of the jobs that exist today […]

Annual Ball 2018 – the Highlights

The career nuggets ball is quickly becoming the premier networking event for the black and ethnic minority community in the UK.  Here are some highlights of the 2018 Career Nuggets Annual Ball held on the 1st of December 2018. But first, save the date for 2019: The CNBALL2019 will be on the 7th of December […]

Make Yourself Visible

You were not meant to be hidden. Make yourself visible. This has been my battlecry. Make yourself known. Work with excellence but let yourself be seen also. Whether at work or even on the internet – always say who you are. Always put your best foot forward. Communicate your value. Say what you have to offer. […]

Meet Your Mentor 2018 – The Highlights

Photo credits to Femi Odelusi of FemOdel Photography.  You were created to RISE. To grow. To blossom. To always move to the next level. It is an essential part of the human experience. From the cradle to the grave, we continue to grow and evolve.  This is no different for us as people of colour. […]