C-Suite: ladies in the boardroom

Hosted by Morenike Ajayi, MBE, Career Nuggets C-Suite Ladies is a trusted circle of women occupying senior leadership positions in their organisations. Holding a senior role can be daunting and lonely at times. This club serves as your safe space, providing the support you need to thrive as you navigate the workplace environment.

A Safe Space for you...

C-Suite Ladies is an exclusive Club and social support circle of ladies created to:

.Build up one other.

.Share information, opportunities, and resources.

.Provide solutions to unique problems that affect women in leadership.

.Help women navigate their roles and responsibilities without fear of judgment.

.Peer support.

Career Nuggets aims to bridge the gap by offering emotional and social support to women in leadership positions, empowering them to excel in their roles.

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This group is for women who occupy senior leadership positions in the workplace. We welcome senior executives, senior managers and directors. 

If you feel this is the place for you, do go ahead and send in your application.

We meet virtually (online) once a month and once a year in-person. Any other opportunities to socialise, work, play, or travel together will be organised as needed.

We know how lonely it can be when you are the only woman (or only black woman) in a leadership position. We also know that women in top positions tend to be givers. We give and give and we sometimes forget to also give to ourselves. 

We have created a safe space for ladies in senior management positions – a place where you can be yourself without fear of judgement.

C-Suite Ladies hopes to fill the gap with emotional and social support for women in leadership so that we can thrive in our respective professions while also enjoying a fulfilling life.

Membership is by application only. There will be a token annual membership fee.

joining is by application only

Click the button to fill and send your application form, Tayo Onyinlola will get back to you personally to have a chat.