Mentor Academy

(NOW TAKING APPLICATIONS FOR NEXT MENTOR ACADEMY) CLICK HERE TO FILL THE REGISTRATION FORM (CLICK IMAGE TO OPEN THE ACCELERATE BROCHURE) MY STORY: When I decided I was going to start my TV program, most of the people who knew me at the time said “What?!? You?!? I can’t really blame them though… After all, […]

Mentoring: An Elegant Career Growth Strategy – Part 1

“A mentor empowers a person to see a possible future, and believe it can be obtained.” Shawn Hitchcock Many people struggle and stagnate in their career for this one simple reason – lack of mentoring. If you check most top level executives, you will find that at one point or the other they have or […]

Employability skills

Employability skills are transferable skills which are needed by an individual to make him/her capable of being employed. Employers often have specific standards against which they measure if an applicant is employable or not. To compete effectively in the job market, you need to have what it takes i.e. knowledge, skill, training, right attitude and […]

The Power of Networking on 3 Fingers

Have you ever wondered why some people just get along with everyone? They just seem to know everybody and all the right people while whenever you open up your contact list only the names of some family members and a few close friends pop up. Trust me, I have been there. Realizing how pathetic my […]

Breaking Into The Marketplace: A Guide For Graduate Jobseekers

  Congratulations! You have finished your 3-4 years degree course and have become a graduate! Now you are faced with another exciting life venture, finding a job. Brace yourself dear readers, because the reality is that for every 100 resumes you send out, the most replies you will receive are 2 or 3 call backs. […]

How To Rise Above All Odds

A renowned IT Consultant, Mr. Wale Oyebanjo was the guest speaker last week on career nuggets episode hosted by Morenike Ajayi on OHTV, Sky Channel 199. Mr Oyebanjo who gave several nuggets out on the programme opined that, having a mental attitude is a key critical factor in order to rise above all odds. He […]