Employability skills are transferable skills which are needed by an individual to make him/her capable of being employed. Employers often have specific standards against which they measure if an applicant is employable or not. To compete effectively in the job market, you need to have what it takes i.e. knowledge, skill, training, right attitude and assets which a prospective employer would find attractive.
Top Employability Skills
1. Effective communication: Communication is a two way thing; it involves both speaking and listening. Employers want to know that you are not just good at written and oral communication but you are also good at listening and understanding information. They want to know that you can express yourself and your opinions fluently. In addition, the ability to listen to others and act upon instructions correctly is an employability skill that is much sought after.
2. Working well under pressure: Employers want their employees to be capable of handling stressful situations that may show up in the workplace. From time to time things do not go according to plan in the work place; being able to handle such situations without breaking down is an admirable skill which employers desire in their employees. An employee, who is able to meet deadlines despite the pressures that might occur at work, is considered an asset.
3. Being a team player: A good employee is able to work confidently with other people on the team irrespective of their backgrounds. Everyone in a team has a different role to play based on their strengths therefore a good team player is vital for the completion of an organisation’s tasks. Having the best interest of your team at heart and working together to achieve it is a great employability skill.
4. Strong personal drive and motivation: The strong desire to succeed and do well at your job is something that employers appreciate in their work force. A good employee does not wait to be told to do things; this employee can use his /her initiative to decide when to take appropriate action. He/She is determined to get things done and to make things happen constantly looking for better ways of doing things in the interest of the organisation. This employee would have no difficulty meeting deadlines and is regarded as an asset by employers. This is a very useful employability skill.
5. Interpersonal skills: An employee who is able to work well with colleagues and who has soft job skills; someone who recognises & respects different perspectives is the kind employers want to have. The employee who has good interpersonal skills is open to ideas and the views of others; He/she is not rude and condescending but is confident in his/her own skin and fits well into the culture of that organisation.
6. Problems solving skills: The ability to get information adequately and use that information to systematically solve problems is another useful skill to have
7. Decision making & Taking initiative: Employers also want their employee to be able to identify opportunities within the work place, provide tangible ideas and solutions that will affect the organisation positively.

1. To be regarded as employable, you must be seen as someone who will add value to the organisation.
2. The right knowledge, skill, training, and attitude will make a prospective employer find you employable.
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