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New Year Card
An opportunity to transform your career

Season greetings to you and yours. I must say that the Year 2015 has been a fulfilling year for me, to which I am truly grateful to God. Career nuggets TV launched in March 2015 and is currently airing three times a week – Tuesday 7:30pm, Friday and Saturday at 6:30pm. Our first ever career nuggets event took place on 5th December 2015, where we had over 200 attendees. It took the format of a panel discussion with a very interactive audience covering two topics – “How to be a desirable product”, here one of the nuggets given amongst many was knowing your ‘Unique Selling Point’ – USP, while the second panel discussion was “Unconscious bias – managing our biases”. For this topic, we watched the following YouTube clip below and our discussion was around having the right mindset, so one is not at a disadvantage in the area of ones career.

I will be expanding more on these two topics in my future communication to you.

In the meantime, here are four career nuggets for your career advancement as you prepare this year 2016…

1. Have a dream board – Here, you need to write down your goal or dream and place it somewhere visible to you on a daily basis. Mine is in my bathroom.

2. Get an accountability partner or mentor, who will hold you accountable to your goal or dream. This person should be someone you trust, look up to and has a clear understanding of where you are heading in terms of your career. Preferably, someone who has already walked a similar path to the one you are embarking on.

3. Continuous development – Don’t stop learning; List books, seminars and conferences you plan to read/ attend in 2016, to expand your knowledge base and stand out in the market place

4. Grow and prune your network – Remember, your network is your net worth. It’s important that you surround yourself with the right people. Also, not everyone around you will be moving at the same pace as you and sometimes this is where pruning might have to come in.

Finally, Stay focused, Keep yourself relevant and Dream big.

Wishing a Fruitful new year.

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Note: Key dates for 2016

Junior Career Nuggets Summit – June 2016, exact date to be confirmed

Career Nugget Christmas Special – 26 November 2016
Kind regards,

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