Sometimes applicants make some mistakes in their quest to stand out to employers. If your are a job seeker it is useful to know these 7  vital things to avoid in the job hunt process:

  1. Being unprofessionally unusual to impress employers. In attempt to impress employers, some applicants are tempted to use gimmicks to distinguish themselves. They sometimes, use fancy resumes and do all sort of fancy things. But this can be distasteful and turn off employers. Just be simple, write a great CV and cover letter that demonstrate you have the right skills.


  1. Relying on connections to be hired. Do you know someone within an organisation you are applying for?Your insider is always limited to securing your job (no matter the position they hold!) While having connections has some merit, do not solely depend on your chances to get a job on connections. Use your connections, but ensure that you do not neglect simply sending in you CV and cover letter, and following up your initial communication. That leads us to our next point …


  1. After initial contact, no follow up. Sometimes when applicants apply for a job they oftentimes forget to follow up. Imagine this, you are one of a few hundred CV’s they may have received, what are the chances of them remembering you? (The answer is 0 chance!) What increases the chances of them recalling your CV is when you call to follow up on the process of your application. It isn’t advised to call everyday (this can be of putting), try once a week until you hear a response. This may not apply in all cases but where it is applicable, you need to follow up.


  1. Take various experiences you have gathered over time for granted when applying for jobs. We mean identifying transferable skills from your personal experiences e.g. Arranging a friends birthday party I.e. Project management experience, volunteering for a charity – skills from this could be team working, communication and interpersonal skills. Search your CV and make a list of all the skills you mention, then place a real life example next to it – this will surely help you train yourself to remember how to link your skills with your experience.



  1. Don’t distinguish yourself and show innovation. Need to be easily recognised from the pack. Need to leave an indelible mark or presence at the interview. For example, a gentleman should wear a bold colour tie or a lady a bright coloured dress. Be enthusiastic and show an eagerness to learn and grow.



  1. Don’t research properly on the company or industry you are looking to join. Employers would be aware of the lack of experience a young applicant might have but would be impressed if they demonstrated knowledge about the industry and firm. Also, it would be a bonus if the applicant also demonstrated the application of that knowledge during the recruitment process.



  1. Lack of understanding and clearly demonstrate the values of the company you are seeking to join. Companies will only appoint people who believe and are prepared to uphold the values of that company. Values can be found on the company’s website. Example of values are customer services, integrity, collaboration, one team etc


Avoid all of these mistakes and you may be hired!


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