We need the following information from you:

  1. Clear objective (s)
  2. Level of commitment

Support given is dependent on the level chosen. Each level will come with the following:


Mentoring Levels 1 – 4 Timescale
Phone call Email support Price
Level 1 1 hr 3 weeks Completed within 1 month £99
Level 2 3 hrs 6 weeks Completed within 2 months £149
Level 3 5 hrs 10 weeks Completed within 3 months £199
Level 4 10 hrs for entire duration Completed within 6 months £299
All levels get 1 hour free consultation
*concessions will only be given to extend the timeframe (within reason) in exceptional circumstances.
The sessions will be held over the phone, by Skype or through a conference call phone line. Face-2-
Face sessions are available but at an extra charge and depends on location. Payment for each
additional session must be made prior to the session. If you are paying by instalment, the payment
dates will fall on the monthly anniversary of your first payment date or as agreed.