I would like to say a big thank you to the presenter- Morenike Ajayi for the wonderful show. I started to watch and fellow the episode spiritually. By the grace of God I'm going to start a new job next month haven't worked for 13 years. My present job. I applied all that I've learnt in the show to progress my self forward. A better job with a better salary plus nearer to my home. Thank you once again. May you go from strength to strength IJN.
Awww look at my Big sis! You were definiatly a blessing to me some 15/16 odd years back when I needed some guidance in almost all aspects of life. You inspired me in so many ways and was always there to give sound advice back then. I can hand onheart say you played a major impact on where I’m at today from a career standpoint and will forever be grateful to you. Really happy to see you sharing your talent and gift with the world.
Lady M, thanks for being a blessing. You may not realise it but that day after service in G when you came and asked me " Pastor, what are you doing apart from ministry " changed my life forever. You gave me sound financial advice that I acted on (thank God) I'm still yet to recover. I have a tent making career now that is producing a solid stream of income. You should be getting a commission !
Adekunle Raji
Adekunle Raji

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Career Nuggets in partnership with University of East London presents… The “Meet Your Mentor” Seminar. Theme – Ready for the Marketplace? The “Meet Your Mentor” Seminar: A Career mentoring Seminar for 16-25 year olds. Theme – Ready for the Marketplace. If you want to get to the top of your career, you need a mentor […]

Employability skills

Employability skills are transferable skills which are needed by an individual to make him/her capable of being employed. Employers often have specific standards against which they measure if an applicant is employable or not. To compete effectively in the job market, you need to have what it takes i.e. knowledge, skill, training, right attitude and […]

Standing Out on LinkedIn

Did you know that a recent study found 73% of all hires made through social networks were via LinkedIn? There are more than 347 million users on LinkedIn; to stand out among a crowd It is essential to have a professional profile that will catch the recruiter’s attention. To build an eye-catching LinkedIn profile: 1. […]

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PRACTICAL CLASSES ON HOW : – To excel in the market place – To Obtain The career of Your dreams – To Set Realistic career goal – To effectively Plan Your career also there will be a Separate session on how to network effectively Thursday 29th September Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm venue: HOLIDAY INN LONDON […]

The Power of Networking on 3 Fingers

Have you ever wondered why some people just get along with everyone? They just seem to know everybody and all the right people while whenever you open up your contact list only the names of some family members and a few close friends pop up. Trust me, I have been there. Realizing how pathetic my […]


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Websites To Help You Secure International Experience

Forget searching high and low on search engines for and waiting on agencies to respond. These websites cover roles across the globe. There is absolutely no excuse for you not to secure that international role! Honestly, what are you waiting for? Milkround – Get great paying internships, year long placements and graduate roles. Glassdoor – Whilst your […]

7 Mistakes applicants make in an attempt to stand out

Sometimes applicants make some mistakes in their quest to stand out to employers. If your are a job seeker it is useful to know these 7  vital things to avoid in the job hunt process: Being unprofessionally unusual to impress employers. In attempt to impress employers, some applicants are tempted to use gimmicks to distinguish […]

“Hire me!”: How A Graduate Can Be A Cut Above The Rest

Without a doubt, thousands of students graduate from universities yearly with the hope of landing a job. Unfortunately things do not always turn out the way a graduate expects; dreams of a 25K job in the city doesn’t come around so easily. The job market is quite competitive and in order for you to be […]

Breaking Into The Marketplace: A Guide For Graduate Jobseekers

  Congratulations! You have finished your 3-4 years degree course and have become a graduate! Now you are faced with another exciting life venture, finding a job. Brace yourself dear readers, because the reality is that for every 100 resumes you send out, the most replies you will receive are 2 or 3 call backs. […]