Morenike Ajayi is a sought-after speaker - Providing Inspiration and Information in the area of Career Development

Most Requested Topics

  • How to Stand out in the Marketplace

  • The Little-known Soft Skills you need to Move Up in your Career

  • The Importance of Networking

  • How to Package Yourself

  • The Key Employability skills that will take you to the Top

  • My Personal Story



What Other People Are Saying

  • I'm going to start a new job next month - haven't worked for 13 years. My present job. I applied all that I've learnt in the show to progress my self forward. A better job with a better salary plus nearer to my home. Thank you once again. May you go from strength to strength IJN.
  • You were definitely a blessing to me when I needed some guidance... You inspire me in so many ways ... I can hand on heart say you played a major impact on where I’m at today from a career standpoint and I will forever be grateful to you. Really happy to see you sharing your talent and gift with the world.
  • Thanks for being a blessing. When you came and asked me " Pastor, what are you doing apart from ministry " it changed my life forever. You gave me sound advice that I acted on (thank God). I have a tent making career now that is producing a solid stream of income. You should be getting a commission !
    Adekunle Raji

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