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Highlights of the Meet Your Mentor Event

We recently concluded the Meet Your Mentor event and based on the feedback we got, it was a resounding success. Many attendees, both mentors and mentees described it as “inspiring”. Our keynote speaker was Dr. Jumoke Okoya She spoke with passion and eloquence as well as a warm humour. The event was made possible by […]

Signs and Symptoms of a Glass Ceiling

My Question: What is a glass ceiling and how can you tell that there is one…?   The Nuggets: A glass ceiling is an invisible barrier that is holding us back. It varies from person to person and from organisation to organisation.    

What do you Know About Assessment Centres?

Question: What are Assessment Centres? A fascinating look at what goes on in assessment centres. Assessment centres are the next step in progressing your application to a graduate scheme. Find out what goes on in there and get insight into what employers are looking for. Employers need to see other qualities beyond your qualifications. The […]

The Best Time to Apply for Graduate Scheme Jobs?

My Question: When is the Best Time to Apply for Graduate Scheme Jobs? The nugget: Apply before the rush period (Usually this is around autumn) You may be busy with your finals at the time you should apply but with time management, you may be able to get those applications in.

The Art of Negotiation

My Question: What tips can you give us about negotiation in the workplace? The Nuggets: Confidence is very VERY important. Good Relationships matter. Put yourself out there. Let people know what you are doing. Speak up and show your value. Make sure your name is on your work. Results give you bargaining power.

How to ask for a pay raise?

My Question was this: How do you go about asking for a pay raise? Richard, one of our viewers said this: “If you dont ask, you dont get. Bite the bullet and know your worth.” Here is the continuation of that conversation. The nuggets for today are: If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Develop […]

How to Make Yourself Irreplacable?

My Question:  Can You make Yourself Irreplacable? The nugget we got was: Let your results speak for you. That will give you the power to stand your ground and keep your place within the organisation.

Factors To Earn What You Want

My Question: What factors can help a person earn what they are worth?

Do You Really Need a Degree?

My question: Is it crucial to get a degree to make it in your career? The nuggets we picked up were: It is possible to succeed in life without a degree but get a degree if you can. You get other skills by going to university aside from your subject area There are life skills […]

Struggling with Communication?

My Question was: Knowing that communication is a key skill for any job search or workplace progress, what would you advice someone who is struggling in this area? The nuggets we picked up were: Practice! Get outside your comfort zone.