Career Nuggets: Undeniable Secrets For Career Success

In this book you will discover secrets of career success that will help you achieve the best out of your career. Morenike discusses what she calls the 10 D’s of career success and explains her unique perspective on these points.

Career Nuggets Undeniable Secrets for Career Success is just what you need to give you a boost no matter where you are in your career journey. It is full of inspirational quotes, tips and advice that will motivate you and get you moving towards your career goals.

As you read through this book, you will discover relevant information that will inspire, and motivate you towards achieving career success.

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Career Nuggets: Bitesize Tips For Your Career Progression

Career Nuggets is about informing, educating and inspiring people to take their career to the next level. It was set up by  Morenike Ajayi  as an information hub for BME (Black Minority Ethnic) individuals, who want to advance in their chosen careers.  Her vision is to provide knowledge through workshops, events, advice and information via various media.

One media through which Career Nuggets reaches its audience is the Career Nuggets TV program hosted and presented by Morenike Ajayi on OHTV. This is a business and career discussion program, where seasoned professionals who are making strides in their careers, discuss relevant topics that impact on career progression. They offer useful insight, expert advice and relevant resources. This program has been a huge success with many people testifying to its impact on their lives.

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Career Nuggets 5th Dec (199)

About The Author

Morenike currently works full time as the Assistant Director of Finance & Procurement with a London Housing Association. She is also the TV presenter and Executive producer of "Career Nuggets", a flagship programme on OHTV Sky 199, which is one of the many platforms she uses to educate, inspire and empower people aspiring to advance in the work place.

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